Hydrating and Tea Tree Mint Shampoo Nourishing & Invigorating Scalp Shampoo with Tea Tree & Peppermint Oil & Milk Proteins Paraben Free Sulfate Free Surfactants - ogx
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HYDRATE, MOISTURIZE, REFRESH: This SET OF FOUR 13-fluid ounce bottles of OGX Hydrating + Tea Tree Mint Shampoo helps nourish and balance hair while leaving it feeling moisturized and soft STIMULATE THE SENSES: Designed to invigorate and leave hair feeling strong, the nourishing mint shampoo also deeply washes hair for a deliciously fresh and long-lasting clean HAIR CARE INSPIRED BY NATURE: Blended with Australian tea tree oil, which helps invigorate the scalp for a healthy look and feel as well as milk protein to help smooth and strengthen hair and peppermint oil for a refreshing tingle on the scalp IRRESISTIBLY DELICIOUS SCENT: The sweet peppermint, iced vanilla and tea tree scent leaves locks with an irresistibly good smell with every wash. Plus the sulfate-free surfactant hair care system is paraben-free and gentle on your tresses BEAUTY, PURE & SIMPLE: For a fully fresh cleansing hair care routine combine this refreshing shampoo with OGX Hydrating + Tea Tree Mint Scalp Conditioner