Keto Cookbook 160 Recipes That QUICKLY Put Your Body into Fat Burning Ketosis Mode! Kayla Bates Author - createspace publishing


Trying to Lose Weight On The Ketogenic Diet? Then You NEED This Keto Cookbook (with 160 Recipes!)From the best selling author, Kayla Bates, comes Keto Cookbook: 160 Recipes That QUICKLY Put Your Body into Fat-Burning Ketosis Mode! This book will help you unlock the full potential of your body's fat burning capability by eating the right types of food.If you have been trying to lose weight for too long without any success...If you just want to lose weight fast and finally get your dream body...Or if you just want to feel happy, healthy & energized all day...THEN THIS BOOK IS FOR YOU!Inside this book you will find a comprehensive cookbook that includes 160 ketogenic diet recipes that will quickly put your body into fat-burning ketosis mode. This means you will begin burning fat long-term as an energy source.The hardest part to succeeding on the ketogenic diet is by making sure you eat the right foods consistently each day. This cookbook will help you with that by making things much easier.If you successfully use this cookbook, you will… Start seeing weight loss results within the first week Begin waking up earlier with more energy and happiness Improve your metabolic rate giving you long-term weight loss success Start losing weight much easier and be motivated to eat healthy and workout Feel healthy and start your day refreshed as soon as you wake up!