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Ketogenic Cookbook for Two: 250 Keto Recipes for You and Your Loved One Elis Mars Author

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Ketogenic Cookbook for Two 250 Keto Recipes for You and Your Loved One Elis Mars Author - createspace publishing
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Studies show that ketogenic diets are much more effective compared to other low-carb based intake principles. We are here to offer you 250 various, delicious and simple ketogenic diet recipes for two!Forget about leftovers and food wasted! No need to calculate and reduce ingredients - with this cookbook you can fully concentrate on the cooking process!Check out some of the recipes you are about to discover:Omelet with VegetablesFried Peppers with CauliflowersLow Carb Bacon MuffinsChampignons Stuffed with CheeseBorecole with CurryKeto Borecole SoupRed Bell Peppers Stuffed with CheeseBanana and Forest Fruit SmoothieCold Strawberry CakeGetting an optimal level of ketosis is not an easy task.However, the positive side is that it forces the organism to burn fat instead of primary sources of energy such as starch and sugar.With our recipes, this diet is very easy to follow