Ketogenic Diet Cookbook 99+ Ultimate Recipes To Making Low Carb High Fat Weight Loss Paleo Meals For A Healthy Body Virginia A Caldwell Author - createspace publishing


Are you scared of looking in the mirror? Are you tired of hating the way you look? Are you prepared to rapidly melt away lumps of fat off your body and maintain a healthy smart look for life? Trying to be healthy is tough and sometimes frustrating. But embarking on a ketogenic diet which combines a personalized carbohydrate control, limited protein consumption, and real food-based fats can give you the therapeutic effects needed to burn off chunks of excessive fats from your body. Consumption of low-carb diets together with high fat diet consumption creates a potent metabolism in the body that is capable of healing a vast range of health conditions and not limited to: • Lower blood pressure • Epilepsy • cardiovascular disease • Aid weight loss (obesity) • Metabolic syndrome • Polycystic ovarian syndrome • Aid the treatment of Alzheimer's disease • It is also favorable for individuals suffering with type 2 diabetes who are not on insulin. This Ketogenic Diet Cookbook Will Teach You How To Make These Enticing Dishes Among Others: • Baked Sugar Detox Cookies • Barbecued Lemon-spiced Sardines • Marinated Oven-Baked Salmon • Lamb with Rhubarb Stew • Carne Asada In Crock Pot • Asian Beef And Broccoli Slaw • Fat Bomb Easter Egg Cookies • Vegan Cauliflower And Pizza Crust • Curried Chicken And Salad You will find dishes with their step-by-step preparation guide that will aid you in producing more ketones and on your way to feeling amazing.