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Diverticulitis Diet Plan, Foods To Eat And Avoid, Diagnosis And Tips For Causes, Redemption And PreventionA diverticulum іѕ a bulgіng pouch оr sac thаt can form оn іntеrnаl organs. In thіѕ ѕlіdе ѕhоw wе wіll dіѕсuѕѕ соlоnіс diverticula, which аrе bulgіng ѕасѕ thаt рuѕh оutwаrd оn thе colon wall.This book has been specifically designed and written for people who have been diagnosed with Diverticulitis and seriously strive to heal and cure it with the help of a right, healthy and effective homemade diet. Apart from taking medications prescribed by the doctor, it is extremely important to eat the right diet to ease the discomfort caused.Let's take a closer look on what this book has to offer:The Diverticulitis Disease Guide: This part of the book educates you, not only about the Diverticulitis disease itself but also the causes, symptoms, risks, complications and its available treatment options in great detail. If you or any of your loved one is suffering with Diverticulitis and has to undergo the surgery, the book will educate you on the various types of surgeries available along with the post-surgery expectations and required lifestyle changes.The Diverticulitis Diet Guide: This part of the book educates you in detail about the four important and very critical stages of Diverticulitis diet that one should follow to sail through the healing period of this disease. For each of these diverticulitis diet stages, book will unfold the real goals, guidelines, diet control measures and foods to eat and avoid from various food groups in detail. It makes sure that the person who needs to be on diverticulitis diet is well-versed with the required dietary information and guidelines to live a healthy and painless life.Also Includes: Natural Remedies & Self Help MeasuresApart from the Diverticulitis disease and diet guides, this book also comes with sections that will not only expand your knowledge on the various natural remedies to cure diverticulitis but also the critical lifestyle changes required, once you finish through all stages of diverticulitis diet.Diverticulitis, Diverticulitis Diet, Diverticulitis Diet Guide, Diverticulitis Foods, Diverticulitis Pain Free FoodsLEAKY GUT DIET PLAN, MEAL PLAN AND COOKBOOKLeaky gut syndrome―an explanation and a plan for healingA healthy gut is crucial to maintaining your overall health. Leaky gut syndrome―when the lining of the small intestine becomes so inflamed that it becomes porous, or leaky―can get in the way of gut health, but help is here. The LEAKY GUT DIET PLAN, MEAL PLAN AND COOKBOOK helps you achieve relief from gut issues by offering concise information about leaky gut syndrome, and how to identify and treat it. It also includes a 4-week meal plan, along with 75 recipes that have been carefully chosen for their gut-healing properties―as well as for their tastiness.Every week of the meal plan has a specific purpose: removing harmful foods, replacing them, repairing the leaky gut lining, and rebalancing your body to its new and better normal. You'll also learn the basics of digestion, immunity, and gut nutrition, so you'll be fully equipped to take back your own health.The Leaky Gut Meal Plan includes:1 Weekly shopping lists―The chapter for each of the 4 weeks begins with a full list of every ingredient you'll need, so you can be prepared.2 Know before you cook―Every recipe includes the nutrition info, prep and cook times, and indicates whether it can be made in one pot or with just 5 ingredients.3 Easy and encouraging―Get all the inspiration and motivation you need to make long-lasting healing happen.Discover relief from leaky gut syndrome in just 4 weeks with The LEAKY GUT DIET PLAN, MEAL PLAN AND COOKBOOK