Lightweight Curls + Flaxseed Shampoo Paraben Free Silicone Free - maui moisture


Energize Your Curls: Keep your coils feeling and looking fresh with this lightweight, moisture-infusing shampoo Lightweight Moisture and Definition: This gentle shampoo adds shine and bounce to your curls without weighing them down—so you can maintain your natural volume and shape Made With 100 Percent Aloe Vera as the First Ingredient: Our light vegan blend is crafted with aloe, pure flaxseed oil, coconut water and citrus oil to help keep coils looking healthy and hydrated while keeping them clean Easy to Use: Apply generously to wet hair and lather through your ends. Rinse your hair and follow it up with Maui Moisture Lightweight Curls + Flaxseed Conditioner Free of Harsh Additives: Love the natural goodness of hair care free of parabens, silicones, sulfated surfactants, synthetic dye, mineral oil and gluten