Linen Tablecloth In Dusty Lavender 92X110\'\' 235X Also in 59X79\'\' 150X 59X39\'\' 150X 59X98\'\' 150X 92X92\'\' 235X 59X59\'\' 150X 59X110\'\' 150X ROUND 59\'\' 79X110\'\' 200X ROUND 92\'\' 39X39\'\' 100X ROUND 79\'\' 79X79\'\' 200X - amourlinen
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Give your home a rustic, seasonal touch with this beautiful lavender linen tablecloth. A high-quality tablecloth in dusty lavender, that will give a sense of understated luxury to your dining scene. A minimalist, one-color linen tablecloth due to its darkish color offers a natural raw look. An organic and vegan fabric, that will easily blend in with your home decor and will look stylish. It is a practical but also ornamental household essential.