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Low Carb Recipes: 14-Day Plan with Delicious Recipes for Permanent Weight Loss at Home and on the Road Mathias Müller Author

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Low Carb Recipes 14 Day Plan with Delicious Recipes for Permanent Weight Loss at Home and on the Road Mathias MÃ1/4ller Author - createspace publishing
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Weight loss in 14 days is not a new concept. However, past diet concepts have only focused on a specific food or calorie counts. This inevitably limits the number of recipes to choose from. This 14 day system is innovative since it is based on low carb rules and only cuts back on the number of carbs. This therefore only eliminates a few foods like pasta, rice and potatoes and nowadays these ingredients in your favorite foods are mainly replaced with options which are just as delicious. Results can already be seen after just a few days when you never even get that hungry feeling so common with other diets. Since you'll be eating low carb throughout the day, the results after 2 weeks will be so convincing that the many compliments will not only stroke your ego but encourage you to say goodbye to carbs forever, but never to delicious food. The system is based on a simple concept repeated daily throughout the 14 days. The individual components consist of 2 Breakfast Options Each day choose a sweet or savory option from the menu. The only thing that determines which delicious option to start your day the right way with is your stomach. Mid-Morning Snack The greatest risk of jeopardizing your weight loss success is between breakfast and lunch. The 14 snack recipes make it easy to stick with your new eating habits. 2 Lunch Options Lunch needs to be quick. Whether it's for your lunch break or on the weekend for a family lunch, you will find great options for every day which are quick yet provide some culinary surprises. Mid-Afternoon Snack Between the house, family and work your energy is being drained. These afternoon Power Snacks will keep you going in your spare time at night. 2 Dinner Options Dinner always sets the right tone for the end of your day. The choices between two dinners guarantee you will have variety throughout the day. This concept provides a clear structure yet still manages to leave some freedom. This freedom comes from the daily options or the two different snacks which are merely an option, not a must. In addition, these recipes provide so much variety you're sure to find it tempting to start again after your 14 days are up so you can try all of the other recipes. Healthy weight loss and trim down with the low carb diet! Download your copy today!