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Clarkspoon Mackerel Tree Rig, 2 1/2 IN., gold

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Mackerel Tree Rig 2 1 2 IN - clarkspoon
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The Mackerel Tree Rig is designed to be trolled on the surface or connected to a sinker for deeper trolling. It features four 3/0 Mustad forged hooks for reliable hook ups. Each hook is dressed with surgical tubing that is brightly colored to attract game fish. In addition, there is a snap connection that allows you to attach a spoon lure to the Clarkspoon® Mackerel Tree Rig, increasing its effectiveness. FEATURES: Four 3/0 gold Mustad forged hooks dressed with colorful surgical tubing Snap for connecting a spoon Designed for trolling Excellent for Spanish mackerel, bluefish and other game fish Model: MT Clarkspoon