Mattifying Face Mask Purify and Mattify Skin Helps Balance and Remove Impurities with Tea Extracts - pupa milano


Mattify the skin without overdrying. This velvety matte formula provides a poreless finish, and it's ideal for those with oily or combination skin Perfect for any skin texture. Our gentle formula was designed for flawless application on any skin type - dry, oily, or combination Purifies and detoxifies for a total clean. Get a totally pure, clean feeling with pupa milano's mask that detoxifies pores and leaves you radiant Deep hydration for thirsty skin. Pupa milano's ultra hydrating formula is perfect for repairing dry skin in need of moisture. Made with humectant ingredients, our firming mask is best for keeping your skin healthy Dermatologist tested and paraben free. You really can have it all - pupa milano offers incredible makeup and skincare without any of the harmful effects of parabens. All our products are also lab tested to ensure the highest quality