Mayari Sandals By - birkenstock
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The elegant Mayari sandal features two adjustable buckles and a criss-crossing toe-loop for a more elevated take on the classic Birkenstock. About Birkenstock This iconic German brand has epitomized cozy, casual footwear since 1774, but the Birkenstock family's revolutionary clogs, shoes, and sandals didn't make their way to the USA until 1966, when an American discovered them at a German spa. Since then, they've remained a staple of the American wardrobe, thanks to their laidback aesthetic, incomparably comfortable fit, and dedication to sustainably sourced materials. By developing materials like Birko-Flor, working with adhesives that use little water to produce, and discovering minimally impactful ways to harvest and recycle cork, Birkenstock has cemented themselves as an icon worthy of its acclaim. Through its many innovations, attention to craft has always stayed true: Each footbed is designed to adapt to the wearer's unique step, providing support no other shoe can.