Mod 147 Tote In Cuoio - dust italia


"A classy bag that makes a difference every day." This is the concept behind the new Tote, the right bag for a headstrong woman who faces each day with courage and dedication. The tote bag which accompanies you in your everyday life: at work, around the shops and on your long walks at the end of the day before you get home. First of all loyal because it is made to survive, to withstand frequent use without fear of ruining it, then beautiful because it has been created with the vintage look which elevates her to timeless fashion. Basic design and compact shape which makes the best leather in the world speak. Tanned with a vegetable technique, this tote bag is quintessentially leather. Soft and roomy, it allows you to carry your MC BOOK Pro and other 15-inches electronic devices everywhere. Offering perfect comfort and charm; unique because it is yours. - Made of vegetable-tanned leather - No lining - Anticated Brass or Nickel painted accessories - Coats thread - YKK zippers - Inside pocket with 25 cm x 27 cm zipper where you can keep your smartphone and other personal items