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Ms. Pacman Countercade

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Ms Pacman Countercade - arcade1up
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Featuring authentic gameplay with real feel controls, Arcade1Ups countercades are the way to bring that classic arcade experience home - 8 Color LCD screen - Coinless operation - Plugs into an AC outlet Pac-Man 40th Anniversary Counter-Cade Step right up to the counter and play away with the Arcade1Up Ms. Guide Ms. Pac-Man through those infamous mazes while evading Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Sue. And for when your arcade appetite shifts from Power Pellets to some other classics, youve got three more inside: the cat-and-mouse action of Mappy, the car race maze challenge of New Rally-X, and the garden game greatness of Rompers. Featuring authentic gameplay with full size controls, this counter-cade is the way to bring that classic arcade experience home, even if youre short on space. In the Box - Ms. PacMan Countercade - Documentation