New Chain Shorts also in L M S XXS - eb denim
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EB Denim New Chain Shorts in Black. - size XS (also in L, M, S, XXS) EB Denim New Chain Shorts in Black. - size XS (also in L, M, S, XXS) 100% cotton. Made in USA. Machine wash. Partially exposed back zipper closure. Grommet chain-link sides with screw lock carabiner. Please note due to the use of reclaimed vintage fabrics, details and colors vary throughout to ensure that each piece is uniquely its own. Shorts measure approx 12.5 in length. EBDR-WF6. CHAINS. EB Denim founder Elena Bonvicini discovered a love for thrifting while spending time in the Midwest with her vintage-loving grandmother. Taking notice of the surplus of men's jeans and lack of women's, Elena began to buy men's Levi's and upcycle them into unique fits for women. Elena started selling these productions out of her high school locker, and thus EB Denim was born. Since then, the brand has evolved beyond denim basics to include dresses and blouses made from recycled scarves. Each piece is one of a kind, using handpicked, reconstructed pieces, and incorporating excess materials into other designs to ensure zero waste. Denim may never go out of style, but Bonvicini's label has upped the game by offering a stunning, sustainable, and modern take on classic looks. Unique cuts and patchwork designs make EB Denim the go-to brand for It Girls everywhere.