No 12 Oak Scented Soy Candle - undefined


Rugged and masculine, our No 12 scented soy wax candle combines a trio of air freshening fragrances - mahogany wood, oak moss and a drop of golden amber. With hints of teakwood resin and sweet caramel spices, we should have called it by it's real name: 'Macho.' The mahogany teakwood scented soy candle has a long lasting and room filling aroma; Hand poured in the USA in our Dallas Texas studio; Uses cosmetic-grade ingredients including a high concentration of essential oils and fine perfume oils in creamy soy wax; We only use metal-free pure cotton wicks for a full, clean, controlled flame with minimal smoke and soot; Comes in a luxurious gold and white gift box ready for gifting; Is a perfect gift for all special occasions, holidays and anniversaries; Contains NO dyes, parabens, sulfates, pesticides or major allergens; Recyclable and reusable glass container has a sustainable life when the candle is complete; What scents go well with teakwood? We recommend pairing with woody fragrances like sandalwood, oak, mahogany or rosewood. It also goes well with fruit fragrances like plum, peach, citrus, ginger or apple. What is oak moss used for? Oakmoss is a type of light green to green-black fungal lichen that grows primarily on the trunk and branches of oak trees, hence its name. It also commonly found growing on the bark of other deciduous trees and conifers such as firs and pines. Oak moss extract is commonly found in soaps, cleaning solutions, and hair products. What does mahogany wood smell like? Thisdeep, rich, full bodied exotic wood scent has the aromas of freshly milled wood with a touch of spice. Care Instructions: With proper care, the candle burn time is approximately 60 hours; For best performance, trim the wick to 1/4 inch before and after each use. On the first use, establish a full side-to-side wax pool to set the size of each subsequent melt. Don't burn more than 3 hours at a time; Keep your candle free of foreign objects and never leave it unattended;