Olivetti Tribute Notebook Lettera 22 Fsc Certified Paper Made In Italy Also in HARD COVER 8X RULED 176 PAGE SOFT COVER 8X BLANK 176 PAGE SINGER SEWN 5X RULED 80 PAGE HARD COVER 8X BLANK 176 PAGE SINGER SEWN 8X RULED 80 PAGE - pdipigna


Since its foundation, at the beginning of the 20th century, Olivetti has been the Italian brand that first used design to dress technology and humanize it. Designed in 1950, the Lettera 22 typewriter is an icon of modernity, allowing millions of people around the world to work and write with this portable office. PdiPigna creates and sells Made-in-Italy and FSC-certified products. Olivetti Tribute Notebook - Lettera 22, Pink, Made in Italy Soft Cover A5 Format: 14.8x21 cm Paper: 80 gsm, Ruled 176 Pages FSC-Certified Paper