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We set out to design a shoe that is comfortable, feminine, and totally unconstructed. which basically just means as soft and un-stiff (yes, that\'s a word we made up) as possible. We all need that easy shoe that feels like you\'re wearing a sock - but isn\'t your fuzzy bunny slippers so you still look cute in your cropped jeans and sweater (ok, or maybe sweatshirt!). You\'ll slide right into the PUFFIN\'s soft buttery leather, soft leather lining and leather insole. No hardware, no fuss. And with our signature molded arch (yes, our shoes have it, too!) it\'s the perfect bootie (or shoe-tee) for kicking around. Our all-leather, handmade soles quickly custom form to your feet and loosen up within hours. The vegetable-tanned leather will age beautifully with a gorgeous patina and the two rose gold metal nail heads on the inner footbed give the signature touch to all beek products. This shoe should fit snug at first so don\'t be afraid if you have to really pull it on. That\'s the beauty of it! The leather will soften with wear and mold to your feet. High quality leather outsoles (the bottom of the shoes) can be naturally slippery at first. Go ahead and scuff them up and you are good to go!