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Sunny Health & Fitness Pulley System for Power Rack, Black

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Pulley System for Power Rack - sunny health & fitness
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PERFORMANCE FEATURES: HIGH MAX WEIGHT: Superior build and engineering allow for this Lat Pulldown Attachment to carry up to 352 LBS maximum weight. UPRIGHT ROWS: The counterweight also helps you with curls and underarm upright rows. Located near your feet, the upright handlebars help to provide a comprehensive total upper body workout. ADJUSTABLE RESISTANCE: Use as a counterweight with any sized weight plates for just the right type of strength workout you're looking for to make your gains. PREMIUM QUALITY: High-strength, nylon-coated cables and pulley ensure long-term high-performance usage. COMPATIBILITY: Attach it to the Sunny Health & Fitness Powerzone series of power cages and power racks including the: SF-XF9925, SF-XF9931, or SF-XF9933. EXPERT ENGINEERING: Designed with safety and quality in mind, the Sunny Health & Fitness Lat Down Attachment Pulley System is constructed using 2” x 2” carbon square pipe and chrome-plated guide rods.