Renal Diet Recipes Low sodium potassium and phosphorus healthy recipes to help you manage your kidney disease and avoid dialysis Emily Moore Author - roman digital marketing ltd


Renal failure is something to be taken seriously. The best thing you can do to manage your kidney disease is to change your diet to avoid dialysis. Your clients won't be able to resist using this awesome cookbook!Renal Diet Recipes is your complete guide to navigating a whole new diet. With this guide propped up on your kitchen counter, you will: ● Discover the foods you can and cannot eat for optimal health and energy while battling kidney disease● Avoid having to go through dialysis with recommended foods and precautions● Make many delicious and easy-to-follow recipes that meet your diet requirements● Still enjoy some of your favorite foods but with some new substitutions and changes● Feel your ultimate best knowing you are taking the necessary steps to take care of your body ● & Much More! By following the Renal Diet Recipes, you will learn which foods you can and cannot eat while battling kidney disease to feel your best. Are you ready to start taking care of your body and getting your life back to normal starting in the kitchen? ...Then Order Your Cookbook and Start Making New Recipes Today!