Ruffled Linen Tablecloth 39X39\'\' 100X Also in 59X79\'\' 150X 92X110\'\' 235X 59X98\'\' 150X 59X39\'\' 150X 79X79\'\' 200X 79X110\'\' 200X 92X92\'\' 235X 59X59\'\' 150X 59X110\'\' 150X - amourlinen
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Ensure you set the perfect tone for your home with this luxurious ruffled linen tablecloth. A high-quality tablecloth in Beige color will give the table a relaxed yet sophisticated look. A minimalist, one-color ruffled linen tablecloth due to its creamy color look offers a rustic laid-back style. A beige neutral color that will easily blend in with your home decor and will look stylish.