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WHY RAHUA: Rahua is a clean, luxury beauty brand that offers all-natural, professional-grade hair and skin care products made from plant-powered ingredients from the Amazon Rainforest. Every 1 Bottle sold helps to preserve 1 Acre of the Amazon Rainforest. Rahua is committed to clean beauty and a sustainable future. Self-wellness is a journey that begins with respecting the Earth. This is why all Rahua products are made with Organic, Natural, and Pure Plant Based Ingredients. Skin Care: Cleanses and moisturizes with rich plant-powered nutrients and subtly scented with Amazonian plant essences leave skin healthy, restored, and luminous. Clean Ingredients: For Healthy luminous skin, made with organic, natural and pure plant based ingredients including palo santo, quinoa, and SymbioticⓇ sacha inchi, rahua oils. How it Works: Rahua Shower Gel is made with quinoa, revitalizes skin, promotes healing and moisture retention, and reduces signs of fatigue. Rahua Palo Santo Shower Gel bath is filled with anti-aging polyphenols that leave skin clean, moisturized, supple, and glowing - perfect for hand cleansing as well.