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SOL by Jergens Self Tanner Body Bronzer, For All Unique Skin Tones, Sunless Tanning, 3.4 Ounce w/ Self Tanner Applicator Mitt, Flawless, Streak-free Tanning Blender Glove, Sunless Tanning

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SOL by Self Tanner Body Bronzer For All Unique Skin Tones Sunless Tanning w Self Tanner Applicator Mitt Flawless Streak free Tanning Blender Glove Sunless Tanning - jergens
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INSTANT SUNLESS TANNING - Instant bronze tint for a subdued, temporary gleam without the longterm commitment. QUICK TO APPLY, GONE WITH A RINSE - Wash-off body bronzer that provides an instant touch of illuminating, luminous color SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED FOR A STREAK-FREE TAN - SOL by Jergens applicator mitt effortlessly blends self tanner products onto the skin for a luminous finish. AVOID ANNOYING STAINED HANDS - Protects hands from staining during self-tanning and ensures a smooth tan at home or on the go.