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Mainstays, Sweet Orange 100% Pure Essential Oils 0.5 fl oz Amber Glass Bottle, Aromatherapy

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Sweet 100% Pure Essential Oils Amber Glass Bottle Aromatherapy - mainstays
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Mainstays' offers a range of essential oils admired for its distinct aroma and endless benefits and uses. Essential oils have been an integral part of the mind and body wellness. Known for its mood-enhancing properties, these will stimulate your senses. Make aromatherapy oils your best friend and allow it to act magically on your emotional wellbeing. Create calm, boost energy or sharpen focus by choosing the right essential oil for the occasion. The sweet orange essential oil also known as the "happy-oil" has a sweet, and citrusy aroma and smells similar to the freshness of an orange peel. Known for its uplifting properties, the oil helps with nervous tension, anxiety, sadness, and even helps with the aroma of a stale room. These oils are pure and potent and should be used after diluting it. It works great as a diffuser oil by adding a few drops with water to an essential oil burner or electric diffuser. Diffuse the oil to promote a feeling of happiness and warmth.