Tomato Also in S L XS - madre linen


MADRE welcomes you to slow down, sit down, and truly enjoy your food. We would be honored to grace your table with our 100% linen napkins. Tiny napkins come eight to a set and measure 7"x7". We love them as cocktail napkins or coasters, they're an excellent accompaniment to every gathering. Small napkins come four to a set and measure 11"x11". Perfect for breakfast or picnics, we also love to pack this size with our kids' lunches. Medium napkins come four to a set and measure 18"x18". A square napkin in a size everyone understands, medium napkins make beautiful work out of messy meals. Large napkins are sold in sets of 2 and measure 21"x21". A luxurious lap cover and catchall, MADRE's large napkins are made to be used over and over again. MADRE's linen is grown in Belgium, and produced in Lithuania. Woven in a mill that runs on green energy, it is also Oeko-Tex certified. Our napkins are designed and sewn in our hometown of Portland, OR.