Vitamix Blender Soup Recipes Cookbook Fresh and Foolproof Vitamix Blender Soup Recipes for Boosted Energy Brighter Skin & Better Health Ethel T Dix - james peterson


If you haven't used your Vitamix to make soup, this recipe book is the perfect place to start, and you will be amazed at how easy it really is to make these simple but very appetizing soups in your blender.The Vitamix is a powerful blender that can actually heat up liquids, and it is designed to be used to make soup safely with a built-in steam escape and blades that can heat the soup up.Blenders are the it accessory, mostly because smoothies are healthy and quick. Sure, but did you know you can also whiz up a mean burger―salmon, veggie, turkey, even beef―in a blender? Your blender is that good! Brownies, pancakes, slaws . . . there are so many things you can make easily and quickly. Not only that, but blending offers the perfect opportunity to sneak in some extra nutrition: Black beans in your chocolate cake? Carrots in your tomato sauce? Or a quick pulse of cauliflower that can stand in for cream in sauces and soups?With The Vitamix Blender Soup Recipes they've created mouthwatering food you'll want everyday:Breakfast and brunch, including smoothies, breakfast mains (muffins, breads and scones), pancakes, waffles, egg dishesSoups and sides (amazingly, the Vitamix heats the soup while blending it, making it table ready in less than ten minutes!)Entrees, including wraps and sandwiches, burgers, pizza, pasta, poultry, meat and seafoodSauces and dressingsDrinks, including nut milks, juices, and even cocktailsDesserts, including sorbets, ice creams, milkshakes and baked dessertsWhich do you prefer? Choose it and taste it!