Weighted Medicine Ball 12 lbs - prosourcefit
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ProsourceFit Rubber Medicine Balls are a convenient and versatile piece of training equipment for improving strength, coordination, and conditioning. The textured rubber surface provides a stable grip, ideal when tossing and catching the ball with a partner or against a wall. When your hands get sweaty from an intense workout, it offers a more secure grip during exercises to prevent slipping. Each ball is super durable, providing a moderate amount of bounce and withstanding heavy use, ideal for boot camps, group fitness instructors, personal trainers, or coaches. Available in five different weights, medicine balls can replace dumbbells in many exercises like squats, presses, and various core exercises. They are perfect for beginners to working out for building strength and coordination, and equally ideal for athletes and anyone working on explosive power. They?re a great exercise tool for training athletes of any level, building core strength, cardio conditioning, and multi-joint exercises. Their compact size and affordability are a perfect fit for home gyms and taking your workout outside. Plus, they add variety and make workouts more fun! For questions or concerns, please contact customer service: (855) 552-2637. We are open Monday - Friday from 8:30AM - 4:30PM Pacific Standard Time