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ActionHeat Women's 5V Battery Heated Softshell Gloves, XL, Black

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Women's 5V Battery Heated Softshell Gloves - actionheat
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The ActionHeat™ Battery Heated Softshell Gloves use innovative technology designed for the perfect blend of quality, heating performance and comfort. Keep your hands warm and toasty with 3 easy to use heat settings during your next cold weather walk or ball game. How to Use Charge Up – Fully charge power banks with provided charger kit Plug-In – Connect the power bank to USB plug located in the pocket Turn On – Press and hold touch-button control on the wrist for 3-5 seconds. Press touch-button to adjust the temperature Estimated Heating Times High (Red): 145F - 2+ Hours Medium (Blue): 125F - 3+ Hours Low (Green): 105F - 5+ Hours Material Contents Fantex waterproof membrane Lightweight Slim Fit Softshell Construction Exterior shell constructed of heat-trapping material provides maximum warmth and comfort Includes (2) ActionHeat 5V Battery Heated Softshell Gloves w/ heated fingers (2) Rechargeable 5V 3000mAh Batteries (1) 24" Dual battery charger kit Additional Details Onboard temperature control button allows easy access to the 3 heat settings providing adjustable warmth Strategically placed heating elements use ultra-fine fibers for optimal heating performance An integrated heating system located along the fingers and thumb Palm and fingers enforced with silicone design for extra grip and dexterity Waterproof zippered battery pocket stores rechargeable lithium-polymer battery A thin layer of Thinsulate supplies quality insulation & wind protection Touch-button thumb and index finger Weather-tight elastic cuff with cinch cord