Women's Artisanal Altair 3 Diamond Hoop Earrings - lily flo jewellery


With their sculptural elegance and striking iridescence, these Altair diamond hoop earrings are a gorgeous expression of light and form. Each hoop earring feature 3, 2mm 0.06ct round diamonds which are set along the surface of a 14K ethical gold hoop. They make a confident statement of style and sophistication. Each piece of jewellery is designed and handmade in our studio in London, bespoke and unique for you. It is handmade, not machine made, so it will be perfectly imperfect. We believe in ethical, responsible and sustainable production and business practices. We only use solid 9k and 14k gold and sterling silver from the very finest and oldest metal suppliers in Hatton Garden, the centre of the jewellery district in London which are Eco (re/upcycled) and fairtrade gold wherever possible in order to prevent any harm from the environment and to ensure a fully tracable ethical supply chain. Each piece of jewellery will arrive in a beautifully branded box. Taking care of your jewellery Each piece of Lily Flo Jewellery is made of solid metal, but it is not indestructible and needs to be treated with care. To keep your new jewellery beautiful, we suggest: Do not swim, sleep or bathe in your jewellery. Avoid perfumes, lotions or cosmetics and after each wear, gently wipe off make up or rinse it with some baby soap and dry it off gently but thoroughly. All metals naturally oxidise with the air, so to prevent it tarnishing, store it in the box or your jewellery box. Women's Artisanal Gold Altair 3 Diamond Hoop Earrings Lily Flo Jewellery