Women's Artisanal Brass & Mini Belt Bag & Shoulder Bag With A Cha - mythra


Mini Augustus Mythra can be used day and night as a shoulder bag with stylish chain strap and as a belt bag with a leather strap. Magnet lock system will provide easy and safe use. Featuring a 60-65cm gold brass chain. Two way of use. Please store the product in a cloth bag and be sure not to expose it to excessive moisture, heat or water. If the suede parts of the product get wet, let it dry on its own. You can wipe the non-suede parts with a damp cloth, do not use any chemicals. If you want to have a professional cleaning, get help from a reliable company that carries out leather products. Women's Artisanal Yellow/Orange Brass Yellow & Green Mini Belt Bag & Shoulder Bag With A Gold Chain MYTHRA