Women's Artisanal Brass Nautilus Chain Necklace - eva remenyi


The winding spiral shapes, contrasting grooves and uneven, organic surfaces reflect the simple, ancient beauty inherent in nature. The collection is named after an endangered sea creature, the chambered nautilus, also called pearly nautilus. Nautilus are called living fossils as their existence is also known from fossil remains. Nowadays, their number is declining rapidly. Nautilus is a natural, smooth collection to which you can add an interesting twist by layering different rings, bracelets or necklaces together. The Nautilus collection would like to draw attention to the important theme of environmental awareness and the protection of marine life. Its most important message is what imprint will humankind have on posterity? We donate 5% of all Nautilus sales to The Ocean Cleanup. Each piece was made by a lost-wax technique in gold plated brass and rhodium plated silver. STORAGE/CLEANING: Store your Eva Remenyi jewelry separate from other jewelry to prevent scratches and protect gold-plating, Clean with a soft cloth or a special jewelry cleaning cloth Women's Artisanal Gold Brass Nautilus Chain Necklace EVA REMENYI