Women's Artisanal Cotton Bamboo Sport Sweater Wicking Round Neck T Shirt Medium - kokoro organics


Whether you are looking for the perfect t-shirt for cycling, running, skiing, yoga, hiking, or rowing, there is nothing better to wear than Bamboo. Designed for getting outside & moving, this shirt is made with an innovative Bamboo Sport fabric (95% bamboo with 5% elastane), that combines softness and comfort with the incredible performance benefits of bamboo. It is moisture-wicking, temperature-regulating, hypoallergenic, (perfect for those with sensitive skin & skin conditions like eczema), antimicrobial & offers 60% UV protection. With a classic, relaxed fit, this silhouette will become your new favourite t-shirt. It looks like cotton but feels like silk, and with 5% stretch, you will feel like your favourite cotton fabric just got much softer, more absorbent & more reactive. Please follow the care label on the clothes. You can wash by hand in a cool wash and dry on a flat towel to stop stretching. We recommend that you fold your natural bamboo clothes to maintain their shape. If it's placed on a hanger for long periods of time the garment might stretch. Women's Artisanal White Cotton Bamboo Sport Sweater Wicking Round Neck T-Shirt Medium Kokoro Organics