Women's Artisanal Peach Brass Gardenia Hoop Earrings Lavender - sorrelli


The Gardenia Statement Hoop Earrings are spring showstoppers. Rimmed in sparkling crystals, the hand-soldered metalwork demands equal attention. Onlookers will be jealous. Sorrelli offers a lifetime guarantee on all products 100% hand-crafted has been our value from day one All of our jewelry is made with a genuine brass base, finished with a flash plating in variety of metal options and stone set with genuine Swarovski® crystal Here's how we suggest you clean your Sorrelli Jewelry: A simple cleaning technique is to gently brush your jewelry with a soft brush (try an old toothbrush!) and warm, soapy water. We suggest using a mild dish soap when cleaning. Make sure you dry your jewelry thoroughly, and do not leave it sitting in water, or sitting wet for more than a few minutes Do not use an at-home jewelry bath/machine for cleaning your Sorrelli jewelry. Prolonged exposure to water and cleaning solutions will dull and darken the special coatings we use on our crystals Or, if you'd rather not deal with the hassle of cleaning your favorite piece of jewelry, we offer professional cleanings on any of our genuine Sorrelli jewelry pieces for a flat fee of $10.00 per piece (or per pair of earrings). We promise, the piece will look as new as the first time you wore it Women's Artisanal Peach Brass Gardenia Hoop Earrings - Lavender Sorrelli