Women's Artisanal Wool Highlander Felt Slippers Shoes 7 UK - onaie


Charming and shapely women's ballerinas prepared especially for cold days for home use. Slippers are made of gray felt. They are decorated with characteristic highlander embroidery. The interior is insulated with a mix of natural wool and polyester, which will pleasantly warm your feet. Ballerinas are properly cut and shaped, they fit well on the foot, they are not wide, so you may need to choose a larger size. The sole is made of a flat layer rubber. Note: embroidery and trimming may vary slightly in pattern and color. Air out your slippers - Sheepskin tends to absorb odours, so we recommend that you air your slippers out regularly. A few hours in the shade in your garden will do them a world of good (just remember to bring them back inside to avoid a playful fox or rain shower!). Brush the wool with a dog brush - Brush the woolly fur on your sheepskin slippers simple dog brush or tangle teaser to maintain its structure. You should use a suede brush to tend to the suede and leather surfaces. Don't run any brushes over the embroidery, as it could pull on the threads and ruin the design. Use suede spray - We recommend using a high-quality suede spray on all non-woolly areas of your slippers, as it will repel dirt and water and keep them looking great. Never wash your slippers in the washing machine - Our Onaie sheepskin slippers shouldn't ever go in the washing machine. Instead, hand wash them in cold water with a sponge. Wash the soles with a shoe brush in cold water. Dry them outside, but just make sure to avoid direct sunlight. Use a cardboard wedge to keep their shape - Don't forget to put a cardboard wedge in your slippers after you wear them all day. This will help them keep their shape so that you'll be able to enjoy your favourite slippers for much longer. Women's Artisanal Grey Wool Highlander Felt Slippers Shoes 7 UK ONAIE