Women's Artisanal Wool Merino Scarf - tasselli cashmere


To make the Balvanie scarf we have selected the best merino wool among several kinds of wool. Thanks to its natural thermoregulatory capacity, it has the ability to protect you both from the cold in winter and from intense heat in the summer. It is made on a loom with a beating that gives it a good consistency and makes it very soft to the touch. The warp and weft are intertwined to create a barely perceptible and therefore very refined geometric pattern. Suitable for both the more formal combinations for both her and him. CASHMERE CARE Washing: In water, up to 30°C In the washing machine, using the program suitable for wool Frequent washing Reverse wash Use a neutral and natural detergent Do not wring Drying: Spread out flat and do not hang Do not expose to direct sunlight Ironing: At low temperatures Reverse ironing Using steam is enough Keep your garment as fresh as purchased. Store it in a dry place and use a good anti-moth. Women's Artisanal Grey Wool Merino Scarf Tasselli Cashmere