Women's Natural Fibres Fabric Cut Back Bodysuit With Chain Medium - saint body


Sensual bodysuit with a cut on the back with silver chain. Double-layered soft viscose fabric. Thong cut gives you an extremely comfy feeling while wearing with pants and jeans. Fastened with delicate nickel-free snaps. Silver Chain is detachable so you can wear it as a bracelet. The chain is produced in Poland, sample: 0, 925. It has a double-sided clasp. Original shape which perfectly complements both everyday and evening styling. Silver was rhodium-plated for refinement. Bismarck chain. The weight of the lance is 6 grams. Fasten snaps before wash. Set 30-degree program with low tumbling. Fabric: 93% viscose, 7% lycra Women's Natural Fibres Black Fabric Cut Back Bodysuit With Chain Medium SAINT BODY