Women's Non Toxic Dyes Pearl Drop Earrings - hortons england


With gleaming fresh water pearls and gold vermeil hoops these earrings are the perfect day to night accessory to add glam to any look. Remove jewellery when washing your hands, showering or swimming because water and chemicals (especially chlorine) can affect the longevity of the gold plating. This is especially important for rings, as they suffer wear and tear much more than other jewellery types since we use our hands for everything we do. Put your jewellery on last when getting ready as makeup, perfume, hairspray, and lotions can affect the beauty and shine of your Gold Vermeil To clean your jewellery and restore its shine we recommend that you use a jewellery polishing cloth to gently rub the surface. Do not use a polishing agent or abrasive liquids as these will wear away the layers of gold. Women's Non-Toxic Dyes Pearl Drop Earrings Hortons England