Women's Recycled Cotton Polo Dress Medium - chalety


This dress is designed with a polo shirt collar in slim fitted silhouette in ribben knite. This comfortable and soft dress is perfect for walking around the city and near the sea. We use only organic top quality materials. This wear was manufactured in Ukraine. How to wash our clothes? 1. Considering that our clothes are made of thin fibers, we recommend using a professional dry cleaner or hand washing. 2. If you chose the last option, then you should follow these steps: turn the item out, use warm water (no more than 30 degrees), use a special shampoo for cashmere, wool and cotton. Moreover, you should soak the garments for 5 minutes to remove the dirt before rinsing. 3. Do not change the water temperature throughout the entire process. 4. Remove excess water by placing between clean towels. Never wring your garments! How to dry? 1. While the garment is damp, smooth out any unevenness and place it on a firm, level surface to dry further. During the process, avoid direct heat flow such as open flames or direct sunlight. Do not tumble dry your clothes. 2. You can iron clothes using a low temperature to avoid burning the fabric. Women's Recycled Blue Cotton Polo Dress Medium Chalety