I Tried Bandier's New Activewear Line—Here's What You Need to Know

Bandier just came out with a new activewear line called, "All Access" and our shop writer put it to the test. The results are in and she shares everything you need to know about the Center Stage leggings and Front Row sports bra before placing your order.

Carly wearing her Bandier activewear while cycling
Bandier packaging and Carly wearing her sports bra and leggings photo

The Inside Scoop on Bandier's New Activewear Line

Made in New York City, the Bandier All Access collection is designed to give all gym goers—beginner or advanced—the ultimate experience. I try to workout at least three times a week whether that's attending cycling class or lifting weights. Finding activewear that actually fits my 5'4" pear-shaped body can be difficult, so I'm always a little hesitant to order online. When I opened my package from Bandier I was pleasantly surprised to see everything neatly wrapped in cute tissue paper. Beneath that, I found my items inside a white Bandier shopping bag that made it look as if I'd picked everything out myself in store, which I really liked. I'm a sucker for pretty packaging!

The collection features more than 60 items and includes everything from basic leggings to winter parkas. I do all my workouts indoors, so I chose the Center Stage leggings in Ice Blue along with the matching Front Row sports bra. I ordered both in a size medium. I was happy to see that the color looks just as vibrant in person as it does in the photo, but the question is, do they fit and are they as comfortable as the online description says?

The answer is, absolutely. I have thick thighs and wide hips, so putting on leggings can be the ultimate struggle, but I was able to slip into this pair with ease—the eight-way stretch compression fabric is no joke. They really do fit like a second skin while also allowing breathability to ensure you don't feel restricted. The high-waist fit features a thick double-layer waistband that flatters my figure and makes me feel more confident than ever. I consider myself fairly short, so when I pair the leggings with the Front Row sports bra it looks like a cohesive two-piece outfit that makes my frame look more elongated. The bra doesn't have padding, but thanks to the thick waistband it still provides ample support. My typical bra size is a 34C and for the most part it holds the girls in place so they don't bounce around even while cycling or using the elliptical.

Both pieces are available in various colors ranging from classic black to bright yellow giving you plenty of options to choose from. The only flaw I've noticed is I have to be careful about what underwear I wear with the leggings. Since they have a tight fit, lace tends to show through as well as bright colors. Overall, I love this set for it's high-quality fabric, stylish look, and comfort level. I'm officially recommending this line to everyone I know.