I'm a Double D and These Two Bras Changed Everything

As a woman with a larger bust, two things are usually true. 1. Strapless bras are not an option, ever. 2. Finding a bra that's actually comfortable is almost impossible. Enter the Vanishing Strapless and Lightest Lift bras from Soma Intimates.

How the Lightest Lift and Vanishing Strapless Bras Changed My Standards

When looking for bras, I've always set my standards incredibly low. As a woman who wears a size double D, finding a high-quality bra that isn't outrageously expensive has always been a challenge. On top of having to spend $80 or more on a bra, I've found that they're almost never comfortable. Oh, and strapless bras just aren't an option.

When I first heard of Soma Intimates Vanishing Strapless Bra, I have to admit I was skeptical. A strapless bra that could actually support my large bust? No way. After opening the package I'd received (yes, you can order bras online—it's easy with Soma's Somainnofit™), I was immediately impressed with the bra's design. The bra featured silicone edges all around to ensure it didn't slide down, and it had an extra-wide closure that made me feel incredibly secure. Not only was this one of the first strapless bras I actually felt supported in, but it also came with removable straps so it could be worn multiple ways—a huge bonus!

At first the bra felt a little uncomfortable and a bit too tight, so I returned my bra to go up a size. Now that I've worn the bra a few times, I recommend ordering your regular size. While it might be uncomfortable at first, ordering your regular bra size ensures a snug-but-supportive fit. Even though I went up a size I still feel supported, but I keep the bra on the tightest notch. The Vanishing Strapless comes in five colors—black, soft tan (pictured), java brown, adobe rose, and sun kissed.

Launched at the beginning of May, the Lightest Lift Bra has set the bar so high for all of my future bra purchases. For starters, it's comfortable! (Yes, you read that right.) Specifically made for larger cup sizes, the Lightest Lift is supportive, breathable, and lightweight. Before owning this bra I thought the only way you could be comfortable and supported was if you wore a sports bra or bralette.

Some of the bra's key features are the minimal padding (a feature I found incredibly refreshing), mesh sides and back for breathability, and adjustable straps that can be crisscrossed. While the bra does have underwire, it feels unlike any bra I've ever worn—and reviewers agree.

Although the bra has only been out for just over a month, it already has 140 near-perfect reviews. One reviewer mirrors my enthusiasm, saying, "I love this bra so much! It fits true to size and is so comfortable. I bought it in ocean air and navy, then bought it in black and nude...that's how much I love it!" The bra is available in seven pretty colors—black (pictured), nutmeg, light nude, soft tan, navy, adobe rose (my favorite), and ocean air.

Vanishing Strapless Bra ($62; soma.com)

Lightest Lift Perfect Coverage Bra ($58; soma.com)

Bonus: The Most Comfortable Underwear I've Ever Worn

While on my quest for a supportive strapless bra and a bra that's actually comfortable, I was introduced to this pair of underwear. The Vanishing Edge Microfiber Bikini quickly became a favorite thanks to its comfortable, breathable fabric and the silicone edges that keep it from riding up. The tag-free underwear didn't cause any panty lines and is machine washable—two must-have features. It also has 288 near-perfect reviews and comes in nine colors. One reviewer raves, "I was a thong person, but decided to give these a try. I didn't know I was wearing them. I call that perfect." Plus, right now if you buy three pairs you can get two for free.

Vanishing Edge Microfiber Bikini (from $16; soma.com)