These Are the Comfiest Jeans I Own—And They're Only $25

When I found these jeans at Target I was instantly sold. Read on to see why these are now my go-to pair of jeans no matter the occasion.

Comfy, Trendy, and Budget-Friendly

At only $25, buying these jeans was a no-brainer. Not only did they not put a dent in my wallet, but they also get serious style points. I was immediately drawn to them because of the unique gray wash and deconstructed hem. (I had been looking for a pair of jeans with a distressed hem forever, but never found one at a price point I was willing to pay!) I went to the dressing room to try them on, and that's when I realized they were high rise and cropped, making them super flattering for my body shape and height—I'm only 5'3". I was immediately sold.

The first time I wore these Universal Thread jeans was to a baby shower brunch (I paired them with a block-heeled sandal and a flowy blouse), and that's when I found out just how comfortable they truly are. For being skinny jeans they have a refreshingly relaxed fit that made me feel confident I could go back to the buffet line for seconds. Even post-wash these Target jeans have stayed true to their fit and don't feel too constricting—something I've never found in high-waist jeans.

One reviewer (coincidentally my same height) said, "These jeans are seriously the BEST! I don't think I've worn another pair since I've got them, that's how well they fit. I am short 5'3" and medium build and they fit perfectly. You can't go wrong with the price either. Buy these!"

*My typical jean size is a 4 or 6 and I bought this pair in a size 4.

Women's High-Rise Destructed Hem Skinny Crop Jeans ($25;