Vitamix Black A2300 Blender - 1169204

Vitamix A2300 Blender - 1169204. With a sleek and stylish appearance from every angle, the Vitamix A2300 blender features variable speed control and pulse to create every texture. The machine features many new conveniences, including a built-in digital timer to help you monitor each blend and achieve perfect results every time. Compatible with an all-new family of self-detect containers, letting you create multiple batch sizes with a single machine, then immediatelyily of self-detect containers, letting you create multiple batch sizes with a single machine, then immediately store, serve, or take them to go. Much more than a blender, Vitamix machines let you explore more than 10 different culinary techniques, from silky smoothies to textured sauces and steaming soups to frozen desserts, all made with healthy, whole-food ingredients. • 6-piece set • Variable Speed Control allows you to refine every texture, from the chunkiest salsas to the smoothest pures • Pulse feature provides a burst of power to chop ingredients, knead dough, and more • Digital Timer helps you avoid over- or under-processing your recipes by displaying how long your blend has been running or how much time is left on your program setting • Includes a Tamper to press thick and frozen mixtures toward the blades, without having to stop and scrape the sides of the container • Includes a beautiful full color technique & recipe book • 2.2 peak output hp motor is able to pulverize tough, whole-food ingredients • BPA-free Tritan® container rotates ingredients back to the blades for faster, smoother blends • Blades are laser-cut from hardened stainless steel to consistently deliver the same quality blends for years to come • Metal drive system securely joins the container and motor base for maximum durability • 10-year full warranty covers parts, labor, and return shipping both ways • Shell: tritan; Container, lid and lid plug: tritan; Tamper: formolene; Blade: stainless steel • Dishwasher safe • Imported read more