6 Winter Running Essentials for Less Than $40

Dressing for a long run can be a difficult process, especially during the winter. This year, take the guesswork out of cold-weather layering with these six affordable running essentials.

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Black cold weather headband with ponytail opening from Amazon photo

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Running Headband

A cold-weather running essential, this warm and cozy headband is worth adding to your workout wardrobe. Featuring a fleece lining and secure fit, this headband will not only keep your ears warm on windy and chilly days, but it will also keep stubborn hair out of your face. If you prefer listening to music during your workouts, one reviewer claims, "It's not too tight over headphones and still keeps my ears warm." Plus, it even has a handy opening for your ponytail—what more could you ask for? ($15; amazon.com)

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Black and pink half zip up fleece pullover jacket from Amazon photo

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Thermal Fleece Half Zip

The winter season can undoubtedly pose a challenge for runners, especially those who don't like training on a treadmill. Thanks to this best-selling thermal fleece jacket, you can finally run outdoors comfortably. With a moisture-wicking material to stay dry and a snug fit to keep you extra warm, this pullover jacket will be your go-to for braving the winter elements. Available in 10 stylish colors, you have the option to choose between neutral shades or bright shades, which offer more visibility if you prefer running early in the morning or late in the evening. (from $25; amazon.com)

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Dark gray and black tights paired with black sneakers from Dick's Sporting Goods photo

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Compression Tights

Before you try throwing on multiple layers of leggings to stay warm, hear us out. These cold-weather compression running tights feature a lightweight yet warming material so you never have to worry about your legs getting too hot or too cold since they lock in your body's heat. Plus, their moisture-wicking technology keeps your skin pleasantly dry. What's more, the flattering side stripe helps to make your legs look extra fit and sculpted. ($40; dickssportinggoods.com)

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Gray thermal vest paired with a black long sleeve and leggings from Kohl's photo

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Athletic Vest

It takes a while to warm-up during your chilly runs, which is why layering is key. Instead of peeling off layer after layer, opt for this lightweight, heated vest that will keep you comfortable from the start of your run to the finish line. ($35, usually $70; kohls.com)

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Pink Nike running gloves with gripped pattern from Dick's Sporting Goods photo

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Running Gloves

Gloves are a must when temperatures start to drop, but finding a pair that's sweat-resistant and allows you to check your smartwatch is a nearly impossible feat. Luckily, this pair of Nike running gloves exists. Featuring Dri-FIT technology, touch-screen tips, and silicone gripped pattern, these gloves will keep you warm and your run moving smoothly. At just under $15, they're are an absolute must-have. ($14, usually $25; dickssportinggoods.com)

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Fleece neck warmer in gray and navy from Amazon photo

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Fleece Neck Warmer

Once your ears, hands, legs, and core are covered up, there's only one part left that needs to be protected: your face. In addition to keeping your neck toasty warm, it's designed to pull over your nose to help prevent windburn, making it the perfect find for those breezy days that literally take your breath away. Plus, its soft, breathable fabric was intended for outdoor winter activities like running, skiing, and even taking your dog on a walk so it definitely comes in handy all season long. ($14; amazon.com)

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