5 Reasons You Should Own This Calvin Klein Sports Bra

The perfect sports bra can be hard to come by, but this Calvin Klein bralette checks all the boxes—and it's super stylish. The brand's classic logo underwear has even been spotted on all of our favorite celebs including Hailey Baldwin and Kendall Jenner.

Why You Need This Sports Bra

Most of the time, when you're at the store sifting through what seems like an endless rack of sports bras, you end up caving and going with one that doesn't meet all your requirements. That's not the case with this Calvin Klein sports bra. Once you have it you'll never look back—you might even end up getting one in every color.

1. Appearance

There are four color options (pink, blue, gray, and black) that make this staple easy to match with almost any outfit. Even with a low neckline, keyhole back, and racerback design this bralette is made up of seamless lines that won't show through your shirt or rub on your skin. And we can't forget to mention the iconic Calvin Klein logo along the bust band.

2. Comfort

You won't have to worry about an uncomfortable underwire poking your side when you put on this Calvin Klein bra. Instead, you'll feel the soft jersey knit and cotton fabrics. These materials allow the bralette to stretch, which makes slipping it on and off a cinch. Its flexibility also comes in handy during a workout—try it out at yoga class and we don't think you'll be disappointed.

3. Support

We all like a happy medium, right? You'll want to choose this sports bra for your next power walk or elliptical training session as it's specifically made for medium-impact activities. There's a little extra support from the thick straps and lined, padded cups, which also adds a nice lift.

4. Budget-Friendly

If there's a way to save money you might as well take advantage of it—so you can buy the matching underwear, of course. Most sports bras that offer great support, maximum comfort, and look amazing are going to cost you a pretty penny—but this Calvin Klein bralette is under $45. I repeat, it's under $45!

5. Everyday Use

You're sure to get good use out of the Calvin Klein bralette since it's comfortable, stylish, and supportive enough to wear every day. Wear it to the gym with your favorite pair of high-waist yoga pants, or if you're running errands throw on some joggers and a graphic tee for a comfortable yet stylish look. Yes, you can even rock a sports bra on date night. Keep it fun and casual by wearing the pink bra under your shirt and denim jumper, then finish it off with white sneakers. To dress it up, pair the gray or black bra with these wide-leg pants from Target and tuck in a tank top.

*According to some reviews, this sports bra runs small so we recommend ordering a size up.