These High-Impact Sports Bras Are Guaranteed to Keep Your Ladies Locked Down

Don't let bouncing breasts keep you from doing the activities you love. These innovative high-impact sports bras are designed with busty ladies in mind, with features like strap padding, clasp closures, comfortable underwire, and more. Now you can run, jump, and sweat without a second thought.

A woman wears a high-impact sports bra

Patterned Underwire Sports Bra

For some serious uniboob-fighting support, try this Panache Underwire sports bra. It features thick, cushioned straps to fight shoulder and back fatigue, ventilated mesh panels for breathability, and two molded cups to make sure your girls are looking good even when you're breaking a sweat. One busty Amazon reviewer raved about how supportive this sports bra is even during high-intensity workouts: "This is hands-down the best sports bra I've ever owned. How much do I love it? This is the 7th one I've purchased and I'm getting ready to order another." Even after hours of jumping, running, and agility exercises, she attests to feeling none of the chest and back pain familiar to large-chested gals. Bonus: It comes in 20 colors and patterns that are actually cute, so you can kiss your boring white sports bra goodbye. One thing to look out for is that the bra comes in European sizing, so you might have to do a bit of mental math to convert your size. (from $35;

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Supportive High-Impact Sports Bra

Keep sweat wicked away with this seriously-supportive sports bra. Made with comfortable moisture-fighting material, it's also designed with larger busts in mind: Think extra-wide, adjustable straps, a clasp closure at the back, and sleekly molded cups. One reviewer noted that "this is very supportive and does a great job in Pilates classes," so you can stay comfortably secure throughout any flexibility-focused activity. ($75;

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Zip-Up High-Impact Sports Bra

Stay supported without worrying about underwire with this zip-up high-impact bra. It offers the natural, separated look you love with innovative details like a breathable mesh back, double-closure, and fresh, modern color choices. It fastens thanks to a clasp at the front (say goodbye to back bruises from traditional bra closures combined with on-the-floor workouts!) and then additional compression with the front zipper. The closures also make it incredibly easy to strip the bra off after a sweat-inducing workout, so your days of wrestling with a damp pull-over sports bra are over. But don't take our word for it—reviewers love it, too: "I wear a 36D and was skeptical that this would be supportive enough for my girls...after wearing it to spin class, I was stoked by how great this bra felt! It's super comfortable and silky on the body, and throughout the class I wasn't distracted by any bouncing." And with seven cute colors, you'll want one of these high-impact sports bras for every day of the week. ($75;

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Moisture-Wicking Sports Bra

This award-winning, best-selling high-impact sports bra will make you a believer: a believer that even large-chested girls can run comfortably, anyway. Designed to comfortably compress, it features breathable mesh panels placed specifically in high-sweat areas so you stay supported and practically sweat-free through the duration of your workout. And its distinctive external seams have a bigger purpose than just looking sleek: They're placed on the outside of the bra to prevent any annoying (and painful!) chafing as you move. One reviewer noted how she's been a fan of the bra for years, but the latest version is clearly the best: "As a 32F, it's hard for me to find a truly supportive sports bra for high impact activity. I keep trying all the brands' newest technology, but nothing holds me in quite like this one. And now, the new added cushioning to the straps and back clasp make my go-to bra even more comfortable. Thanks for finding a way to make a great bra even better!" ($65;

Running-Friendly Sports Bra

Try a truly innovative high-impact sports bra. This unique version from Lululemon functions like a lightweight, supportive second skin to keep you wrapped up, locked in, and comfortable enough to run, all while conforming to your body's natural shape. Its original Ultralu fabric is soft and smooth enough to feel like you're wearing nothing at all, and a thin, unobtrusive clasp at the back doesn't get in the way of any activity. "Another runner recommended this to me mid-marathon, and I'm never going back to my old sports bra!" one reviewer wrote. "I wear a 34DD, so I bought a 34E in this and it fits perfectly snug for high-impact activities such as running." Another reviewer attested to its security not only for running, but for other activities, too: "The higher neck makes it perfect for yoga inversions (i.e. headstand or shoulder stand) by preventing 'boob spillage' when one is upside down." An important consideration, for sure! ($98;

Adjustable High-Impact Sports Bra

This bra is specially designed for ladies of a certain bust size. With supremely supportive underwire, thick, padded straps, and a mid-rise neckline that holds you in without feeling constrictive or un-sexy, it's the best a busty girl can get. And its wide band and straight straps are perfect if you're not a fan of racerback bras. With sizes ranging from 32C to 42DDD, ladies who can't traditionally find a well-fitting sports bra can find one they love here. "I am barely 5'2" and wear a 36D to 38C bra size. Finding the right bra for high impact aerobic dancing and jogging presents a continuous challenge—until now!" one enthusiastic reviewer noted. "I love the support this bra provides and its smooth cups make it suitable for everyday wear, too. It's easy to get into, which is a welcome relief from the criss-cross strait jackets that are certainly supportive, but require time and limberness to don." ($65;

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