Lululemon's Latest Biker Style Shorts Were Designed for Running—and We Put Them to the Test

We asked three leggings-loving editors to pound some pavement in lululemon's new biker short styles. Here's what they thought.

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Lululemon's New Fast and Free Biker Shorts

When it comes to activewear, lululemon certainly knows its stuff. The celeb-loved brand is famous for its lust-worthy styles that are comfortable, stylish, and well-made—so it's no surprise our editors were instantly intrigued by its latest launch.

The Fast and Free Biker Shorts, which are available in six-inch, eight-inch, and ten-inch lengths and six color options, may seem like the perfect option for cyclists, but they were actually designed for runners. Made with the brand's signature lightweight Nulux fabric (which wicks sweat and dries quickly), these barely-there shorts allow you to clock as many miles as you please without chafing or discomfort. Plus, the high-rise waist ensures you're secure while sweating it out, so there's no stopping mid-run to adjust. And of course, the stylish shorts can be worn multiple ways and have hidden pockets to stash your house keys or phone. Sound too good to be true? We asked three editors to give their go-to running apparel a break in favor of the Fast and Free Biker Shorts. Here's what they had to say.

Beginner Runner: Megan

Name: Megan Mowery

Title: Branded E-Commerce Writer

Favorite Pump-Up Workout Song: "Don't Stop Me Now" by Queen

Outfit: 6 Inch Fast and Free Shorts and Energy Bra High Neck

Fast and Free Biker Shorts Review:

I'd classify myself as a "beginner runner." I run one to two times a week at most, and while I don't necessarily enjoy it, I find that it rounds out my fitness routine. Plus, I do like that it gets me outside. Normally I'd throw on the same old track shorts and random cotton tees I've been wearing since high school for my run, so I was definitely looking for an upgrade. I wanted something that was well-made and would make me feel confident and supported—not to mention a bit more like a serious athlete than my high school t-shirt did.

My first impression of the Fast and Free Biker Shorts was that they were SO soft. They fit true to size and, despite my initial worries, didn't pinch or squeeze. And while I seriously did not think I would enjoy working out in biker shorts (I was having flashbacks to the tiny, circulation-cutting shorts I would wear in middle school volleyball), I was wrong. These shorts were incredibly comfortable and felt like they were helping me move my best. I tried them in a variety of workouts, from running to HIIT to yoga, and they held up for all of them, no awkward adjustments needed. They've officially replaced my old track shorts as my go-to workout gear. I'm not even ashamed to say that I wore them around the house even when I wasn't working out, too.

Intermediate Runner: Stephanie

Name: Stephanie Perry

Title: Branded E-Commerce Writer

Favorite Pump-Up Workout Song: "Freedom" by Beyoncé

Outfit: 10 Inch Fast and Free Shorts, Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve 2.0, Energy Bra Long Line, and Fast and Free Run Hat

Fast and Free Biker Shorts Review:

Running has become one of my favorite ways to clear my mind, explore my neighborhood, and get in a great workout all at once. I try to run three miles three days a week when I can, but I also mix in some HIIT sprints on the treadmill when the weather isn't cooperating. Leggings have always been my go-to running essential (even during humid summer runs) because I've been the victim of painful chafing in the past. I usually pair my leggings with a loose-fitting t-shirt that probably doesn't do much for my overall look but definitely keeps me comfortable—if you're not already sensing the pattern here, comfort is always key.

As someone who's felt burned (literally and figuratively) by running shorts in the past, I was skeptical of trying out these biker shorts. But despite my skepticism I'm a lululemon fan, so I trusted that if it designed shorts for running, they'd hold up during my run—plus, I loved the on-trend biker short look. And the first thing that caught my attention when I pulled them on was how utterly flattering these shorts were. I was certain the above-knee length would do nothing for my figure, but my boyfriend even stopped to compliment my new look.

Despite passing the style test, I wanted to see if these shorts would really hold up on my runs, so I subjected myself to a three-mile uphill loop. Upon completing my (torturous) run, my face was sweaty and red, but my shorts remained unexplainably dry and lightweight. TMI: I even stayed in my shorts for an extra hour post-run because I almost forgot I'd just worked out in them. Not only were they lightweight and sweat-wicking, but they also stayed put throughout my entire climb. Normally I'll find myself stopping to pull up my waistband, but I didn't need to readjust these shorts once throughout my workout. Lululemon did the impossible and turned me into a shorts fan—well, a fan of one pair, at least.

Advanced Runner: Christie

Name: Christie Calucchia

Title: Lifestyle Ecommerce Writer

Favorite Pump-Up Workout Song: "Soulmate" by Lizzo

Outfit: 6 Inch Fast and Free Shorts, Energy Bra, All Yours Boyfriend Tee

Fast and Free Biker Shorts Review:

Up until a few weeks ago, I was training for a half-marathon and running five to six times a week. I'm taking a little break from running from right now, but on average I try to run three times a week outdoors if the weather allows it. I love running because it's a physical and mental challenge as well as a full-body workout. Plus, it's a great excuse to get outside in New York City and explore new neighborhoods by foot. Normally, I run in leggings or loose-fitting running shorts with a sports bra and sweat-wicking top. In the winter, I'll layer on a breathable zippered jacket or sweatshirt for warmth. Basically, I look for comfort and fit above all else. I don't want to be pulling at my shorts or fidgeting with a waistband. I also seek out lightweight, breathable fabrics that I know will keep me comfortable and dry even on long runs outside in the sun. I want to feel cute and be motivated to put on my workout gear, so I tend to shop for items that look as good as they function. I love a matching set!

Since I don't typically work out in biker shorts, I was a bit skeptical of how these might ride up. But I could tell they were made of high-quality material—just what I'd expect from a pair of lululemon leggings. After running in these shorts, they definitely passed the test. They were comfortable to run in, and I felt cute and on-trend wearing them with an oversized t-shirt. They wicked away sweat as I moved, and I appreciated the functional side pockets. I did have to pull them down every once in a while during my run to keep them from riding up, but I've yet to find a pair of form-fitting shorts that truly stays put on my body type while running. I will definitely be wearing them again!