Our Editors Vowed to Be More Mindful in 2021, Here's How Lululemon Is Helping Us Reach Our Goals

Our New Year's resolution? To carve out more moments for mindful self-care. And in order to hit our goals, we knew we'd need to find comfortable and versatile pieces to help us nail those new goals in style. To see if the new lululemon looks lived up to the hype, we asked three of our staffers to put the outfits to the test during their new mindfulness activities. Here's what they had to say.

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Meditation Outfit Review

Name: Christie Calucchia

Title: Lifestyle Ecommerce Lead

Mindful Activity: Meditation

Outfit: Align™ Pant 28", All Yours Tee, Flow Y Bra, and Uplifting Scrunchie

Outfit Review:

I'm no expert when it comes to meditating, but I do know that wearing comfortable clothes while practicing means there's one less thing to cause your mind to drift from the present moment. I recently put lululemon's Align™ Pant 28", All Yours Tee, Flow Y Bra, and Uplifting Scrunchie to the test during a sweaty yoga flow followed by a seated meditation. While doing yoga, the lightweight leggings stayed put and the sports bra provided just the right amount of support. The loose-fitting T-shirt felt soft and allowed me to move through my flow with ease. Lastly, the scrunchie kept my long hair in place without pulling my strands too tight, as some traditional elastic hair ties can.

While meditating, I wasn't thinking about the clothes on my body at all. The leggings are so soft and thin, they fit like a second skin with plenty of stretch for comfort. And despite how thin they feel, the barely-there leggings don't appear see-through yet still provide adequate compression. Similarly, the sports bra and T-shirt weren't constricting. In fact, I didn't want to take them off when I finished meditating. All of the pieces are soft and breathable enough to wear all day, whether you're working out, practicing meditation, or lounging.

Walking Outfit Review

Name: Stephanie Perry

Title: Branded Content Editor

Mindful Activity: Daily Walks

Outfit: Beyond the Studio Jogger, Perfectly Oversized Crew, and Energy Bra

Outfit Review:

Weather in New England is temperamental at best. That means lacing up your boots for a walk is usually unpleasant, and especially so in the winter. Despite the dreary and frigid temperatures, I've noticed that the time I spend outdoors has a positive effect on my mood — and my dog's. This year, I resolved to extend my daily 20-minute walk to two 30-minute walks, and thanks to this lululemon ensemble, I've been looking forward to braving the elements daily.

The thing about taking a long walk in the winter (especially when you live in a hilly area) is no matter the temperature outside, you end up sweaty at the end. That's why I love the Perfectly Oversized Crew. It's roomy and breathable, so I never feel stuffy or sweaty, but also lightweight, so it perfectly layers under a parka if needed. Plus, its on-trend oversized fit is stylish enough to take me from my morning workout to a 9 a.m. meeting.

A walk in New Hampshire is always really a mini hike, so a supportive sports bra is a must. The Energy Bra's high-neck, long-line design feels more like a cute cropped top than a bra, so I often find myself wearing it alone under my sweatshirt. I love that it doesn't ride up, that it doesn't have pesky straps that fall down or require re-adjusting, and that it's so breathable, it feels like it's fresh out of the wash no matter how many days in a row I wear it. Which, so far, is five.

I saved the best for last: The Beyond the Studio Joggers somehow keep me warm during a blizzard (a.k.a. yesterday) without causing me to overheat. The elastic band keeps the pants from riding up, which is a must in the snow, and the high-waisted fit is really flattering. They're also super flexible and sweat-wicking, so they're great for my post-work weight-training sessions, too. Plus, with pockets for my phone and other stuff, I never need to carry the unseemly fanny pack I used to tote around.

I'd suggest investing in this lululemon look if you need an outfit that's going to make it a bit more manageable to jump out of bed in the morning and hit the streets. But feel free to just sleep in it, because it's honestly that comfy.

Yoga Outfit Review

Name: Megan Mowery

Title: Branded E-Commerce Writer

Mindful Activity: At-Home Yoga

Outfit: Wunder Under High-Rise Tight 25", Ever Ready Long Sleeve, Energy Bra, and Fly Away Tamer Headband II

Outfit Review:

After months of back and neck pain related to my poor posture and a less-than-ideal WFH setup (slouching on the couch), I resolved to take a few moments to stretch daily. Every hour or so, I move my body for a few minutes, strike some yoga poses, and loosen my muscles. I'm happy to report that my lululemon gear has been the perfect partner for this resolution!

First off, the leggings: Not only are they so soft, but they're made with four-way stretch fabric that doesn't restrict or squeeze me. The waistband doesn't budge, so I'm not breaking my poses to pull them up or readjust. And I love the black-and-gray camo print I chose, which is edgier than my usual black leggings but still matches most of my other gear. Plus, as someone who's on the shorter side and has a difficult time finding leggings that fit length-wise, I'm so glad that the 25-inch length hits right at my ankle. An absolute rarity.

The Ever Ready Long Sleeve top is much softer and lighter than I expected, which keeps me free to move without bulky fabrics getting in my way. Though the top feels like cotton, it has a surprising amount of stretch. And with its slim-but-not-tight fit, it feels like I'm wearing nothing at all. Paired with the Energy Bra, it's an easy combo that I can see myself wearing every day. The sports bra doesn't awkwardly show its outline through the shirt like most sports bras do, and I find it supportive even during intense cardio workouts — and it's not too restrictive or compressive. And while I'm not usually one for hair accessories — especially headbands — I've been wearing the Fly Away Tamer Headband II every day. It keeps my hair out of my face at work and while I'm stretching, and it looks cute with the rest of my gear.

Overall, these pieces help me feel free and unrestricted while I stretch and do yoga, and they're also comfortable during the rest of the day when I'm focusing on work. Plus the fabrics feel luxe, and the 'fits actually, well, fit. I feel confident recommending them to friends and family.