We Put SHAPE Activewear to the Test—Here's What You Need to Know

In collaboration with SHAPE magazine, the SHAPE® activewear collection combines form with function with apparel ready for the studio or the streets for all body types. The fashion-forward line encourages women to #ShowOffYourShape with confidence-boosting clothes you look and feel great in.

Two of our resident workout gurus decided to put SHAPE® activewear to the test when they started wearing it to some of their favorite workout classes—cycling and cardio kickboxing. With two different body types and two different workout styles, they provide different perspectives on the activewear. See their favorite pieces below and why it might be time to try SHAPE® activewear yourself.

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Carly's SHAPE® Activewear Picks

I was pretty athletic growing up, but once I graduated college that all came to a halt. Recently, I've been trying out new workouts in the gym, and I even started attending a cycling class twice a week to get back in shape. With my pear-shaped body (I have a small bust, wide hips, and a big butt), finding workout clothes that actually fit and made me feel confident has been a struggle. Until I tried SHAPE® activewear.

I tried a variety of pieces including a windbreaker, leggings, sports bra, and a wrap. I was a little nervous due to my past experiences with other activewear brands, but I was pleasantly surprised at how amazing I felt while wearing them. The high-quality fabric is soft, breathable, and didn't restrict my movements at all even when doing leg workouts.

Hi Rise SS Capri: I ordered these leggings in a medium and they are everything I look for in a pair of workout pants. The high waistband hits right above my hips near my belly button, which I like because it hides all the areas I'm self-conscious about and leaves me feeling confident as I walk into cycling class. They fit like a second skin, and even though getting them on can be a bit of a struggle, they feel perfect once they are on. None of my other leggings are like this so at first I thought that meant they wouldn't fit, but that wasn't the case at all—the four-way stretch fabric is no joke. I wore these leggings to cycling class and for a full-body workout at the gym. While cycling the waistband stayed in place and didn't fold over, which was a huge plus for me. During my workout in the gym I utilized the small pocket inside the back of the waistband and I never want to buy another pair without it again. For someone who hasn't invested in wireless headphones yet it was a lifesaver. I could listen to music without restricting my movements by setting my phone on another piece of equipment. It's safe to say these are now my go-to pair of leggings.

Bolt Bra: Like the leggings, this sports bra brings my confidence to a whole new level—especially when I pair the two together. I usually wear a 34C in regular bras and a small or medium in sports bras. I went ahead and ordered a medium, but I should have gotten a small instead. Even though it still fits and flatters my figure, it's a little too loose at the top for my liking and does not have adjustable straps. It gave great support during my workouts at the gym where I would lift weights, go on the elliptical, and do ab workouts on a mat. As for cycling, that's when I noticed less support, but I think that's due to ordering a size slightly too big. If you need to return anything you're in luck because SHAPE® offers free shipping and free returns. The overall style of the bra is something I hadn't tried before and I was very pleased. When paired with high-waist leggings it can double as a cute top, too.

Protech V.3 Windbreaker: I'm not a runner anymore, but from my cross country days I know this jacket would be perfect to wear on an early morning jog. The slick, lightweight fabric keeps you warm—but not too warm thanks to its mesh panels—and the jacket features elastic bands around the waist and arm cuffs. I ordered it in a medium and used it as a light rain jacket on my way to the gym. My favorite part was the unique zip-out hood that neatly rolls into the collar when you don't need it. This jacket is compact and was easy to put in my gym bag, unlike others I've owned in the past. Available in plus-size here.

Incognito Wrap: The Incognito wrap is just what my fall wardrobe was missing. Instead of being forced to break out my bulky winter coat early, I wore this wrap to and from the gym on brisk mornings. Its ultra soft fabric kept me warm, and the magnetic clasp ensured it stayed in place even against the wind. I paired this stylish wrap with a white blouse, jeans, and booties when I wore it to the office as a cardigan to keep me cozy throughout the day. Since I'm relatively short (5'4'') I decided to order it in a small and it fits perfectly lengthwise and in the arms. Available in plus size here.

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Lauren's SHAPE® Activewear Picks

When I first started working out, a little over a year ago, my go-to gym attire was an old college t-shirt and cheap $3 leggings that were practically see-through. While I haven't quite ditched the old college t-shirts yet, my workout clothes have most definitely improved. I now shop for high-quality leggings, durable sports bras, and the occasional new tank. Enter SHAPE® activewear.

Since I'd been writing for SHAPE.com it only made sense to give the activewear line a try and see what it was all about. To start, I selected a pair of leggings, a sports bra (a true test since I'm a bit busty), and a tank. Overall I was incredibly impressed by both the quality and breathability of each piece, as well as how nicely the activewear worked for my workouts and body type.

G-Force Hi Rise Capri: For this pair of leggings I ordered a size small. While my body shape is considered hourglass (my butt and hip measurements are the same as my chest, while my waist measurements are smaller), I still have fairly narrow hips, and I tend to wear a size 4 or 6 in jeans. I prefer high-waist style leggings because I'm self-conscious of my stomach, and these leggings hit at just the right spot. I wore these to both a cardio kickboxing class and a more intense total body workout class; both times I was pleasantly surprised that I stayed cooler than I normally do when wearing leggings to work out thanks to the compression fabric. Other noteworthy features are the four-way stretch fabric that made them easier for me to get on and didn't make me feel restricted during my workout, a zero-slip waistband, and a back stow pocket. They also have a reflective print on them that'd be great for any early morning runs.

Define Bra-Core: As previously mentioned, I'm a bit busty. I wear a size 34DD in regular bras and usually buy my sports bras in at least a large. However, I was a little apprehensive based on the product image that this bra wouldn't give me the support I needed, and sized down to a medium. A good move on my part, this sports bra fits perfectly and to my surprise gave me plenty of support. The bra is available in 12 different colors on the SHAPE activewear site, but I ordered mine in Green Gables Granite—a dark, heathered green that works with a variety of other colors. Made of a nylon-spandex blend, this sports bra is made to keep you cool and dry during your workouts and provides ample coverage in the front and a fun strappy back. Overall, I'm ready to buy this bra in at least three more colors. Available in plus size here.

Physique Hi Lo Tank: While I loved all three pieces of SHAPE® activewear that I tried, this one was definitely a favorite. I'm a sucker for a good graphic tee, and this tank top totally fit the bill for my sense of humor. I also loved that I could wear it out and about and didn't have to keep it confined to the gym. For this tank I ordered a small, since the high-low style made it feel a bit looser and it was definitely longer than most tank tops. I ordered this tank in the white, fit-ish option, but there are plenty of other options that are great for gym and everyday wear—honorable mention goes to the light gray Crunches to Brunches tank. Available in plus size here.