8 Asics Running Shoes That Attract All The Attention

In a shoe rut? Tired of the same old pair of sneakers? Spice up your workout arsenal with a new pair of Asics running shoes.


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Gel-Nimbus 19

Are you training for a big race this summer? Or are you a beginning jogger? If you said yes to either of these questions, you should definitely take these bad boys for a test run. You shouldn't suffer from foot pain while running, so you may need shoes that are more supportive. Lucky for you, these shoes feature FlyteFoam technology which reduces the impact of running on your joints. Whether you're a die-hard runner or just want something to help ease the pain of pounding the pavement, you'll wish you had tried these shoes sooner. ($160; asics.com)

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ASICS Fuzex Lyte 2 Women's Running Shoes

So, it's time for a new pair of running shoes. Everything you've been seeing online is brightly colored and just not your style. You prefer a minimalist look that is versatile for the gym and the streets. If you're looking for a cute and comfortable running shoe without the loud colors and crazy patterns, these are the Asics for you. A lightweight construction and cushioned midsole make these shoes ideal for sweaty HIIT sessions at the gym or casual walks around town on the weekends. ($85; kohls.com)

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Gel-Nimbus 18

You love to make a statement. Fitness is a priority and workout gear is your not-so-guilty pleasure. Treat your feet to these shoes and transform your training. Perfect for distance running on any kind of surface, these fun sneakers are sure to give your style and performance a boost. High energizing cushioning will keep you feeling sharp and focused during the toughest bouts of training. Mile after mile, you'll crush it. ($150, zappos.com) (Really go the distance with some of the best running tips of all time.)

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Tiger GEL-Lyte V Casual Sneakers

Trend alert! These uber-cool shoes are going to give your closet some serious swag. Old-school style meets modern shoe technology with these Tiger GEL-Lyte V casual sneakers. Pair these Asics with some cute joggers and your street style will be off the charts. Smooth suede and durable rubber ensure maximum comfort for wherever life takes you. Expect to be asked over and over where you got these sweet kicks. ($110; macys.com)

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GEL-Quantum 180 2

Do you hit the pavement at the end of your day when the sun is setting? Consider choosing a brighter shoe that will make drivers more aware of your presence while you focus on what you do best: running. The mesh on these extremely comfortable Asics make them the ideal running shoe for summer so that your feet can breathe while you put in some serious work. Even better, the GEL cushioning absorbs the impact of running on hard surfaces like pavement. ($130; nordstrom.com)

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GEL-Torrance Lightweight Running Shoe

If you love to get your sweat on but hate feeling like your shoes are bricks, make the switch to these super-lightweight running shoes. These Asics would also be great for day-to-day wear because they are casual enough to be worn with just about anything. If you have an upcoming vacation where you'll be walking a lot, you'll for sure want to pack these comfy shoes in your bag. The neutral support in these running shoes are best for medium to high arches. ($70; dsw.com)

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GEL-Quantum 360 Knit Shoe

High performance meets ultimate comfort -- what's not to love about these running shoes? The diamond-white color is perfect for summer, and the knit fabric will keep your feet cool throughout the hottest days. If you have never owned a pair of knit shoes, you're seriously missing out. Feel the comfort of a sock with the support of a great running shoe all in one with these icy-white kicks. The sockliner in these shoes maximizes breathability while controlling moisture levels during your high-intensity workouts. ($200; asics.com)

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GEL-Fit Sana 3 Women's Cross Training Shoes

These super-lightweight Asics shoes are perfect for studio workouts and light cross-training. GEL cushioning in the rear of the shoe actually helps to dissipate shock during impact, easing the stress on your foot and joints. This athletic shoe's material is both durable and flexible, reducing midsole breakdown so you can get the most mileage out of your new cross-trainers. You don't have to worry about the fit or comfort; these shoes are designed with mono-sock construction for a fit that conforms to your unique foot. ($80; kohls.com) (Runners need strengthening exercises, too. Amp up your game with these cross-training barre workouts.)

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