Studio Shoes for Barre and Beyond

Stay trendy and stylish with shoes made for your moves.


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Step Up

Looking for a new fun exercise? Get out and dance in a shoe that can keep up with the beat. The Upurtempo by Reebok was made specifically with dance movement in mind, wrapping you in cushioned comfort while you hit your groove. The mid-cut shape offers extra ankle support for added stability throughout your routine. Step up in your new dancing shoes and let the music take you away. ($90; (Not feeling dance class today? You can still get down with your bad self with these at-home dance videos.)

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Snag the Sanuk

Start yoga off right with the Yoga Sling 2 by Sanuk. Whether you're going to a class or just want to wear them out and about, this comfy sandal will make you feel like you never left the mat. The sealed edge footbed is actually made from real yoga mats, and the stretch-knit upper stays soft against the skin without rubbing. You may just want to snag these Sanuks in all your favorite colors so you never have to go without the lightweight, comfortable sandal. ($38;

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Treat Your Feet

Head to the studio and put on a pair of shoes that will power you through your next workout. The Under Armour StudioLux keeps this shoe form-fitting and lightweight with excellent breathability. Providing great stability for low-impact workouts, this shoe is perfect for Pilates or even kickboxing. The minimal tread means these shoes can go on the mat or indoor spaces where tread shoes typically aren't allowed. From planks to round kicks, these shoes will help you stay comfortable and locked into your next class. ($80; (You've tried ballet class and kickboxing class, but have you ever tried combining the two? Kickboxing ballet offers a badass workout—no equipment necessary.)

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Barefoot Feel

Dance like nobody's watching with the free feeling of not wearing shoes. The Nike Studio Wrap gives you the barefoot feel you desire and built-in pivot points, while still offering support and traction. Whether you prefer dance, yoga, or barre, these shoes—if you can really call them shoes—allow you to get the most out of exercises intended to be performed in bare feet. The studio wrap protects your feet, keeping you from slipping on sweaty studio floors. A garment bag and washing instructions are included, so you can ensure long-lasting use. ($55;

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Studio Slippers

Don't hassle with laces or straps and just slide your feet into this studio slipper from Reebok. This slipper is best for barre, but can be used for other classes as well, including yoga. This slipper won't have you slipping, thanks to the 3D-printed bottom that adds traction without bulk. The cushioned liner and soft leather upper will keep your feet comfy and snug, so all you have to focus on is your killer workout. Get all the benefits of barre with this studio slipper. ($60;

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Second Skin for Studio

Start dancing in your new second skin. The New Balance Studio Skin is made with FantomTape technology that provides support in all the right places, and the fresh treatment keeps this shoe odor-free. Extra cushioning on the ball of the foot increases comfort and the silicon bottom has plenty of traction to keep you stable. This skin also has some fun colors to choose from, while the top cutouts keep it chic. Try out this skin in your next barre or dance class. ($55;

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Fresh Feet

Looking for a budget-friendly solution to get more enjoyment out of yoga or Pilates? Try out this affordable sock by Yoga Paws to enhance your studio workout. This sock helps keep you stable and balanced during shoulder bridges or those tough yoga poses. The design also is fully equipped with great support, extra padding, and a non-slip sole. Step up your yoga game with this unique sock. ($18;

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Free the Toes

Let your toes move freely with the Grip Full Toe Bellarina by Toesox. Slip on just like a sock and be amazed by the comfort and grip that it provides. Made from organic cotton, this durable sock is built to help you get the most out of your barefoot fitness classes. Total coverage keeps your skin protected, but the five-toe design allows your feet full freedom of movement, so you can really spread out and get a deeper stretch in downward dog or warrior pose. ($18;

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