These Eco-Friendly ADIDAS Sneakers Are Saving Oceans—and They're Super Cute

What if working out was not only beneficial to your body, but also to the planet? Thanks to adidas' collab with Parley Ocean Plastic, now it can be. The mega-popular activewear brand took its best-selling Ultraboost sneaker and re-designed it with upcycled plastic waste from beaches and coastal communities—turning the recycled materials into shoes before they reach the ocean. Read on to see how adidas is finding a stylish solution for the worldwide problem of pollution.

Black and blue running sneaker with a white bottom photo

adidas Ultraboost Parley Shoes

With one million pairs of adidas sneakers featuring recycled materials in 2017, five million in 2018, and on track to reach 11 million in 2019, addidas has taken recycling to another level—and we're totally here for it. The brand's recent collaboration with Parley has allowed it to transform its best-selling Ultraboost sneaker into a new version made with recyclable materials—and the revamped shoe is just as stylish as the original. We'll call that a win-win. Using recycled plastic that had been polluting beaches, adidas turned it into a high-performance material and then incorporated it into some of its best running sneakers to date. After hearing what this eco-friendly shoe can do, we didn't think twice about adding more green into our fitness routines.

If you're looking to replace your old, worn-out running shoes with a fresh high-performance pair, then the adidas Ultraboost Parley shoe is for you. Not only is the Ultraboost known for giving you a top-notch running experience, but this particular sneaker features fabric made from upcycled plastic waste that was pulled from beaches before reaching the ocean. Versatile enough for marathons, low-intensity workouts, and everything in between, this iconic running shoe has a lightweight build and is designed with Boost cushioning, reliable traction, and a stretchweb outsole to keep your feet safe and comfortable for many workouts to come.

If you feel good about making a difference while you're sweating it out, don't stop with just running sneakers—the Parley collection at adidas also includes other fashionable and performance-ready activewear pieces that are all made with recyclable plastic. From stylish tops to lightweight leggings, you can shop tons of cute apparel from the Parley line—and help save the planet in the process.